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iPhone 5C Ear Speaker Repair Service


Ear speakers of an iPhone 5C can get damaged due to a variety of reasons such as:

  • Water seepage inside.
  • Corrosive buildups.
  • Dirt or dust clogging it.
  • Tiny components might be broken.

There might be tiny manufacturing glitches as well, which slowly cause the ear speaker to malfunction. Add this service to cart, mail your phone in with the provided shipping label, we take it from there.

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Get your Ear Speakers Back to Normal

If you have recently noticed that you are really struggling to hear your friend on the other end of a call, or you feel as if something is blocking the sound of the ear speaker, they are distinct signs that the ear speaker is not working as it should be and you should get it fixed.

Further details:

  • Please don’t go the DIY route to check what is wrong – it might cause even more damage – let us handle it.
  • Your iPhone 5C is scrutinized thoroughly to check the cause of damage in order to develop feasible solutions.
  • Ear speakers are susceptible to damage from water or liquids, contact with dirt or dust or accidental drops.
  • After an assessment, if any additional problems are discovered, we provide an estimate detailing the costs for any repairs or replacements required.
  • Rest assured our technicians have repaired hundreds of smartphones, so they will have your ear speaker working like new in no time.
  • To ensure compatibility with your iPhone 5c, we source high quality parts that are perfectly compatible.
  • We promise a fast turnaround time of 24 hours for any services rendered – deadlines are taken very seriously.
  • All parts are tested after repairs, and only when we 100% satisfied with your working condition, do we return it to you.
  • Once the repairs are finished, your smartphone is shipped back.

A specific tracking ID is generated after your package leaves our site – you can use it to check the status of delivery. We guarantee there won’t be any concerns or complaints. For further details shoot us an email or call us!

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