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iPhone 5C Volume Button Repair Service


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Not being able to listen to music at low volume while driving to work is a bummer isn’t it? But what is even more problematic is when you call someone and have to strain your ears to hear them from the other end, as the Volume button seems to be stuck!

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Time to Turn it Up!

The importance of the volume button really only becomes known after it starts malfunctioning. You can’t snap your fingers to your favorite song and you can't adjust sound during phone calls or other notifications. Don’t worry – we can fix the issue quickly for you.

This is what we do:

  • Send us your iPhone 5C to our mail-in center, without delay.
  • The high-end smartphone is given a thorough once-over by our team of skilled technicians – extremely qualified and experienced with iPhones – so they can effectively fix the problem.
  • Volume buttons might cease working or malfunction, since they are used frequently for adjusting ring volume, personalizing other sounds etc. – being an external part; it experiences quite a lot of wear and tear, which is why it is always advisable to opt for professional repair work.
  • If there are any malfunctining parts, you will be informed so you can contact us if we should proceed.
  • We work round the clock so it can be completed within a designated time frame. High quality parts are used as replacements – we don’t use inferior or cheap parts.
  • Don’t worry about your iPhone 5C being dispatched safely – we generate a tracking number so you can keep track from the moment your phone leaves our center.

Before we return the iPhone 5C, we re-test the Volume button and all other functions to ensure all repairs are 100% successful.

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