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iPhone 5C Vibrate Button Repair Service


Are you having any of these problems?

  • The Silent or Vibrate option doesn’t work.
  • The button seems to be stuck or jammed.
  • The button has come off loose.
  • The Vibrate button appears to have a mind of its own; turning on/off by itself!

These signs mean your Vibrate button needs an immediate fix. Add this service to cart, send your device to us with the supplied shipping label.

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Quick and Efficient Vibrate Repairs

When your Vibrate button malfunctions it can be a real inconvenience – if you can’t turn it on during a movie or an important meeting, you risk facing angry glares and the wrath of your boss respectively. However, you need to get your iPhone 5C checked by a professional iPhone technician if you want the issue fixed, instead of going DIY.

Let us help you out:

  • We conduct a full diagnostic, sometimes there is more than one issue at play.
  • All iPhones are delicate, high-end smartphones so they have to be handled with utmost care but you can trust our technicians as they have repaired hundreds of similar models.
  • If there is need for replacements, all parts are sourced from quality suppliers.
  • We do our best to ensure there are no extra charges, but if the damage has spread and more repairs are needed, there might be a slight increase in the final amount, but we will not proceed till you agree with an additional quote.
  • We guarantee that your Vibrate button functions exactly as it did before – it is re-tested to verify if the repairs are successful.
  • Our goal is to provide quality service to you and we stand behind our work – a warranty is applicable on all parts used in repair or replacement tasks.

We promise a turnaround time of 24 hours to fix the Vibrate button and send the iPhone 5C back to you. Don’t have iFixyouri walk-ins in your area? Not a problem – we are always there to help you if you mail your device to us.

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