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iPhone 5C Rear Camera Repair Service



When the iPhone 5C’s rear camera stops working all of a sudden, it robs you of a great smartphone function: recording beautiful pictures and videos. 

Whatever be the cause, it is our job to detect and repair the problem so your rear camera works just like it did before.

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Rear Camera not Functioning? Try our iPhone 5C Repair Services

Issues like black screen, shutter remaining closed, errors with video and image capture, camera being unable to save anything, blurry pictures, or a camera that gets hanged, shouldn’t be ignored. Send your iPhone 5C to our mail-in center, and get it fixed at a reasonable price.

  • Faulty camera IC
  • Blurred screen due to dust and dirt piling up over rear camera
  • Malfunctioning camera mechanism
  • Loss of connection of on-board connector with rear camera
  • Dry soldering of the connector
  • Physical damage
  • Water seepage
  • Corrupt camera apps

Here’s what we do:

  • We will scrutinize the phone properly to find the reason why your rear camera has stopped functioning normally.
  • As discussed above, there could be numerous issues due to which the camera stops working, but thanks to our expert technicians the problem is detected quickly.
  • Your smartphone is in good hands – we have skilled technicians on board who are well-versed in repairing different models of iPhones.
  • If there is need for replacements, we procure only high quality parts from reliable suppliers.
  • All components come with a year-long warranty, which only excludes accidental damage.
  • The turnaround time is just 24 hours as the repairs fall under the minor category.
  • Once we verify that our repairs have been successful and your camera is functioning like before, we return your iPhone 5C.
  • A tracking ID is available after your phone leaves our facility, so you can keep tabs on the shipment status and date of delivery.

It is advisable to send the iPhone 5C ASAP (the minute you notice the rear camera malfunctioning) because the more you delay, the higher are the possibilities of damage spreading further.

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