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iPhone 5C Mic Repair Service



Is your iPhone 5's microphone not working?  Do other people have a hard time hearing you?  Can't record audio sounds, or is the recording scratchy, staticky, quiet, or muffled?  Select this repair to fix all of these microphone issues on your iPhone 5.

  • 24 hr turnaround
  • 90 day warranty for replacement parts
  • Excellent customer service

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iPhone 5c Mic Repair

The iPhone 5C smartphone is sturdy model, but malfunctions can always occur. The microphone might be small but it is an integral component of the phone, and a faulty mechanism can cause the following issues:

  • People can’t hear your voice or hear it faintly.
  • Voice memos don’t work.
  • Audio recordings are muffled and almost inaudible.
  • Sound is distorted and seems like static

Any of these indicate a malfunctioning microphone that needs to be repaired right away.

The importance of a microphone is understood all the more when it stops working normally. How can you operate your iPhone 5c if the mic is faulty? Send us your phone at iFixYouri’s mail-in center. Our technicians can study the defect up close and come up with suitable solutions quickly.

This is what we do:

  • Professionals know how to repair all iPhone models, so it is just a matter of time before they identify what is causing the problem.
  • Microphones can be damaged due to several reasons such as wearing out, broken components, obstruction, corrosive buildups – we check if the mic has affected other parts or not before starting repairs.
  • Your iPhone 5C is in good hands – our technicians will fix the mic and restore its former functionality.
  • Any replacements required are supplied by us – we procure high quality parts from reliable sources.
  • A warranty is provided against all new parts installed, which lasts for 90 days. The warranty does not cover accidental damage.
  • We have a standard 24-hour deadline for completing repairs. If the damage has spread to other parts, it can take longer.
  • The mic is checked to ensure it has been properly fixed, after which, we send back the smartphone to you.

You can use the tracking number generated after the package containing your iPhone 5C is dispatched from facility, so you know the status and date of delivery.

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