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iPhone 5C Back Housing Replacement Service



It is imperative to seek professional help right away if your iPhone 5c back housing has come loose or shows tiny, imperceptible cracks. If you delay in getting it repaired, the cracks will get larger and can lead to further damage to internal components.

  • 24 hour turnaround
  • 90 day parts warranty (excludes accidental breakage)
  • Excellent customer service

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iPhone 5C Back Housing Replacement

Most high-end smartphones are sturdy and can withstand a decent amount of shocks that involve accidental drops or falls. However, there is a limit, beyond which, it sustains physical and internal damage. If you consider the iPhone 5C, an advanced version of the iPhone 5, it can absorb and resist impact to a certain degree but after that, it shows signs like a cracked, broken, or displaced back housing, which needs immediate attention. The casing protects several delicate components of the phone lying directly beneath, so you can’t manage with a dislodged housing – there are high chances of the back coming off completely, thereby exposing the battery and other parts under it.

What we can do for you – take a look:

  • Technicians will go over your iPhone 5C’s back housing and determine feasible repair solution.
  • Cracks or scratches should be taken seriously – they might require a replacement, if repairs are no longer possible.
  • We are habituated to fixing up iPhone 5C along with its advanced versions and predecessors, so you don’t have to worry about your smartphone getting top-notch repair services.
  • We always order replacements of high quality for your iPhone 5C – there is a 90 day warranty for all parts installed by us (doesn't cover accidental damage).
  • There is a stipulated time frame of 24 hours for all repairs, but it can take longer if the damage is extensive.
  • Once the repairs are over, the smartphone is sent back – you can keep tabs on the shipment status and delivery date by using the tracking number provided automatically when your package is picked up at our facility.

So what are you waiting for? Send us your phone so we can get started!

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