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iPhone 5S Dock Connector Repair Service



Whether you're having trouble syncing or charging, you don't have to live with a malfunctioning lightning dock or scrap your phone because it's broken. With iPhone 5s Lightning Dock Connector Repair Service from iFixYouri, you can get the connector repaired or replaced for a fraction of the cost of a new phone!

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The lightning dock is the name for the connector at the bottom of your phone where you insert the cable to charge your iPhone 5s or sync it to your computer. Because most cases leave it exposed, the lightning connector is very vulnerable to damage and can stop working due to exposure to dust, water, chemicals or extreme temperatures or because of a bump or fall.


Signs that your lightning dock connector may need repaired include:

  • Stops and starts when you're charging
  • Charging taking longer than it has before
  • Inability to connect your iPhone 5s with your computer no matter what cord you use
  • Inability to use your phone with a docking station
  • Lighting cable won't stay inside of your port or is loose

Before your lightning dock connector fails completely, let iFixYouri get it repaired! Our iPhone 5s Lightning Dock Connector Repair Service makes getting your iPhone 5s fixed simple and affordable. This is how it works:


Step 1: You order the iPhone 5s Lightning Dock Connector Repair Service by selecting a to and from shipping method and deciding whether or not you want additional insurance protection. We provide free UPS Ground shipping with $100 insurance coverage.


Step 2: After you have paid for your order, keep an eye on your email. You'll get a confirmation message with an attachment to print. This is the shipping label that you'll place on your box for easy addressing. Once your phone is packaged, arrange for UPS pick-up or take it to a UPS shipping center.


Step 3: When we receive your phone at our service center, we will perform diagnostic tests to find out what's wrong. Our tests can detect not only problems with the lightning port connector, but also with other parts of the phone. No matter what the problem is, we can find it!


Step 4: You'll receive an email detailing what's wrong with your phone. If there are any additional costs for repairs, we'll tell you what they are and get you to approve them before we do the work, so there are no surprise fees. If you decide it's not worth it to have the phone fixed, we'll send it back to you.


Step 5: Assuming you agree to the work, we'll make the necessary repairs. If we need to replace parts, we'll do so using brand new parts backed by 90-day warranties. Normally, work is done in just 24 hours.


Step 6: When your phone is finished, we test it one last time and then send it back to you. You'll get an email with a confirmation number for your reference.


Get your phone on its way to syncing and charging like new again with iFixYouri iPhone 5s Lightning Dock Connector Repair Service.

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