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iPhone 6 Plus Water Damage Repair Service


  • Proven method for fixing water damaged devices.
  • High success rate of repair.
  • Highly skilled technicians.
  • If we can't fix it, you do not pay for repairs*.
  • We provide tracking numbers & safe shipping with UPS for your own piece of mind.

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iPhone 6 Plus Water Damage Repair Service


Oops! Did your iPhone 6 Plus slip into the bath tub? Or did you accidentally knock over a glass of water on it? It is normal for smartphones to malfunction due to water seeping inside, which is why you should waste no time in mailing us your phone, as we provide specialized services to combat water damage for iPhone 6 Plus models.


How does it work? Here goes:

  • There is no initial charge when you ship your phone to our mail-in service center – Click the “Add to Cart” button and follow checkout instructions accordingly.
  • On receiving your package, we run a routine diagnostic test to find out the degree of damage to your hardware – based on the result, we present you with a repair quote, which you are free to accept or reject. If you choose the latter, we return the phone via mail*.
  • The iPhone 6 Plus is a delicate smartphone, so it should be handled carefully – rest assured our technicians have years of experience under their belt, and have a great success rate for repairing numerous iPhone models.
  • Advanced technology and equipment is used for repairs, such as removing corrosive deposits, minerals, dirt, or dust that might have damaged internal circuits.
  • Only high quality parts are used if phone components need replacement – we ensure they are compatible with iPhone 6 Plus models.
  • We are extremely thorough with our work – not only do we provide a 90 year warranty, but your phone is dispatched only after we have double-checked that it is working perfectly.
  • A tracking number is provided for your convenience after the shipment leaves our facility.

Don’t wait for water damage indicators in your iPhone Plus 6 to turn pink or try to fix it yourself – send us your phone ASAP if it has taken a nasty spill in the toilet, pool, or washing machine. If we are unable to save your water damaged iPhone we will offer to purchase it or we can return to you*.


*NOTE: If you decline repairs for diagnostic or water damage treatment or your device is deemed non-repairable, you will be responsible for shipping and handling.

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  • Asked by Joe Yuelling
    on 07/13/2015
    Hello On average, whats the cost? I dropped it in the pool and it shorted out and will not turn on. i want just an average cost before i use the service Answer:
    Hi Joe, we do offer a free water damage diagnostic service. Majority of time when we open up the device we do find rust and corrosion which we could run it through the cleaning process for $49.99. If we can't get life to the logic board after the cleaning we do not charge you for it. If there is any extensive damage to the device or it's parts we will contact you and discuss your options.
  • Asked by Jackie
    on 07/26/2015
    I have severe water damage to my iPhone 6plus. Could you please let me know the turn around time if I fed ext to you with a prepaid fed ex label? Answer:
    Hi Jackie, we do offer free shipping with all repairs. Typically our water damage repairs can take about 5 days but if it is really severely damaged it may take longer. Our water damage treatment process is very thorough and we do have a high success rate.
  • Asked by Ann
    on 08/12/2015
    What are the chances of retrieving photos from a phone that was in the lake for 4 days before being rescued? Is there any hope? Answer:
    Hi Ann, yes there is hope! We have successfully recovered devices that have been sitting around damaged for longer than 4 days. We recommend that you send it in as soon as possible. The sooner we receive it, the better chance of recovery.
  • Asked by Jose
    on 09/10/2015
    Hello, I took my phone to a repair center and they told me the motherboard is not responding. Is their still hope to recover my videos?? Answer:
    Hi Jose, yes there is still hope. Please send it in and we will provide you with a full diagnostic and your repair options.
  • Asked by Vanessa
    on 09/10/2015
    I am going to ship my phone over, I dropped it in water and the screen just flickers so I turned it off and have it in rice before I ship it over. Will you need my password as well once I ship it? Answer:
    Hi Vanessa, yes we will need your password in order to full test your device. Once we receive your device you will receive communication from our repair team with instructions.
  • Asked by Brandon
    on 12/31/2015
    Hello. Mine fell into the water and everything worked ok until it did the reset and gave error code 53 which is for the touch sensor. I have not switched the touch sensor but it has clearly malfunctioned. Is this something that would be salvagable? Thanks! Answer:
    We have successfully repaired many phones that have been water damaged due to similar situations. We recommend that you get it in to us as soon as possible so the water does not cause any additional damage. For an accurate quote we would need to see the device and run a diagnostic.
  • Asked by Eric
    on 12/2/2016
    How much is the water damage treatment? Answer:
    12 5 18
  • Asked by Nekayla
    on 06/16/2018
    How much does this cost ? Answer:
    Hi Nekayla, For iPhone water damage, we go through our water damage cleaning process, which can take from 1-2 days. Afterward, if the cleaning process works (data can be retrieved), it would be 49.99. Also if parts are needed for the repair, they will be quoted separately.