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iPhone 6 Plus Ear Speaker Repair Service


  • High quality parts replacement
  • Customer service that aims to please
  • 90-Day Parts Warranty (not covering accidental damage)
  • Clear sound with a 24-hour turn-around

Broken ear speaker? This is your service. We mail you the shipping label. You send it to us and we do the rest. A quick, easy return to quality audio. 

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iPhone 6 Plus Ear Speaker Repair Service

The ear speaker in an iPhone 6 Plus might be highly advanced, but as is true for any electronic component, it has its share of weaknesses too. Water seeping in, contact with dust, or physical damage can greatly impede the functionality of ear speakers, leading to poor sound quality and trouble hearing people while on call.

What we can do for you:

  • Getting a speaker replaced can cause greater damage if the technician is not an expert in dealing with different versions of iPhones and related accessories. This is where we come in handy – mail us the smartphone and let us take care of the problem.
  • Our technicians will examine everything in detail in a thorough diagnostic to make sure there are not any other issues.
  • During an intense scrutiny, we try to find out the cause – if there is blockage inside, a tiny internal part has broken, or water has penetrated inside.
  • Once we detect the reason, we map out a chart that outlines the total cost of repair, which includes any replacements if required. We always source premium quality parts while fixing up iPhones and its components.
  • Our technicians work fast, so they can adhere to the designated deadline. For minor repairs, the turnaround time is 24 hours.
  • The speaker is tested and double-checked before we dispatch it back to you, ready to deliver crystal clear calls.
  • We provide a 90-day warranty that includes repair or replacement of any part that malfunctions not due to accidental damage.

For your convenience, we provide tracking number on all shipments dispatched from our centers, so you know the exact date to expect a delivery. For further questions about our service please get in touch with us.

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