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iPhone 6 Plus Microphone Repair Service



Can you hear me now? How about now? Now? If you find yourself asking questions like that more than talking on your phone to your friends and family, you need the iPhone 6 Plus Microphone Repair service from iFixYouri. Let us get your smartphone's microphone working like new again.

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iPhone 6 Plus Microphone Repair is a Cinch!

The microphone on an iPhone 6 Plus is the part of the phone that is responsible for capturing sound. When it breaks, a number of problems can arise with a phone, including:

  • Inability to use voice prompts properly
  • Siri no longer understanding your questions or commands
  • Poor sound quality on the receiving end of your phone calls with people frequently asking you to repeat
  • Low quality audio tracks on video recordings with sound coming in and out or sounding like static

When these problems persist regardless of where you try to make your call, where you're located when you try to record and how clearly you try to speak, it's time to take action!


Microphone problems won't fix themselves, and they can get worse over time. That's why it's important to get your smartphone looked at right away. iFixYouri makes it so easy to do just that with our iPhone 6 Plus Microphone Repair Service! This is what it involves:

  1. You purchase the iPhone 6 Plus Microphone Repair Service online. We make ordering the service incredibly easy and as affordable as possible. Our basic service price that you see above includes free shipping via UPS Ground in both directions plus $100 of insurance coverage. If you're satisfied with that shipping time and protection level, you can just click "Add to Cart" and check out. If you want to get your phone to us or back more quickly or want additional insurance, you can use the drop down boxes to change the options and then place your order.
  2. We send you a packing label within minutes, and you send us your iPhone 6 Plus. After your order is complete, you can check your email for the confirmation message with your shipping label. Just affix it to your box and then drop the package off with UPS.
  3. We receive your phone and fix it within 24 hours. We'll carefully unbox your phone and use our state-of-the-art equipment to determine what's wrong with the microphone. We'll repair any problems using brand new, premium quality parts with 90-day warranties. Then, we test your phone to ensure that the microphone is in perfect working order.
  4. Your phone is returned to you good as new. Once we're certain your microphone is fixed, we box your phone back up and send it back. You get an email with a tracking number to let you know it's on its way.

If you have specific questions about the iPhone 6 Plus Microphone Repair Service from iFixYouri, feel free to ask them in the box below! Otherwise, you can order the service now and get your phone fixed ASAP.

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