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iPhone 6 Ear Speaker Repair Service


  • Restores normal ear speaker functionallity
  • 90-day parts warranty (not covering accidental damage)
  • 24 hour turnaround
  • Excellent customer service to make the process simple and painless

If you are having ear speaker issues, add this service to your cart and checkout. We will email you the shipping label, you mail it in, and we fix it. Easy. 

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iPhone 6 Ear Speaker Repair Service

Noticed anything wrong with your iPhone 6 ear speaker lately? Do you have to strain to hear voices on the other end of a call? Does it sound as if something is obstructing the sound? These are clear indications that you should mail in your phone and get the ear speaker checked.

Take a look at what we do:

  • Please don’t try to find out what is wrong with the ear speaker by yourself – let professionals handle it; all you need to do is mail us your smartphone.
  • We notify you on receipt of the package, and our technicians go to work right away to isolate the cause.
  • After conducting a check-up, we inform you about the diagnosis – ear speakers are susceptible to damage by a number of factors including accidental drops, water damage, contact with dirt or dust etc.
  • We offer an estimate containing any additional costs for any other repairs or replacements needed. Our technicians will fix damages so the ear speaker continues to function efficiently as did it before.
  • For any replacements, we use top quality parts, so they are in sync with other iPhone 6 components.
  • We operate on strict deadlines and guarantee a fast turnaround time for any services rendered. Of course, the extent of damage impacts the time taken to fix it.
  • When the repairs are completed, we ship the iPhone 6 Plus back to you without additional charges.
  • You can keep tabs your delivery with a unique tracking number that we provide – just go online and key in the number to check status.

All parts are tested after repairs, and only when we are satisfied, do we return it to you. Try our services – we guarantee there won’t be any concerns or complaints. For further details give us a call to speak to a representative.

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