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iPhone 6s Ear Speaker Repair Service


  • Restores normal ear speaker functionality
  • 90-day parts warranty (not covering accidental damage)
  • 24 hour turnaround
  • Excellent customer service to make the process simple and painless

If you are having ear speaker issues, add this service to your cart and checkout. We will email you the shipping label, you mail it in, and we fix it. Easy. 

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iPhone 6s Ear Speaker Repair


Noticed anything wrong with your iPhone 6s ear speaker? Is it hard to hear voices during phone calls? Does it sound as if something is obstructing the sound? These are symptoms that you should mail in your phone and get the ear speaker checked.

We recommend not trying Ear Speaker Repair yourself. Devices have become more and more sophisticated and you may cause more damage. Using the supplied shipping label, send your iPhone 6s to iFixYouri's mail-in center so our skilled repair technicians can inspect your device, pinpoint all/any issues affecting it, and get them repaired the professional way.


Every repair service starts with diagnostic tests to determine all issues affecting your device. Our experienced technicians quickly diagnose the problem. In most cases, repairs are minimal; however, if we see that your iPhone 6s has additional damage, we'll contact you before proceeding.


Free UPS ground shipping and $100 of insurance are included. You may purchase faster shipping options and additional insurance protection using the drop-down options above. That's up to you. Please don't send us your cables, charges, or cases please. We have plenty already. Package your iPhone 6s in a secure box and affix the provided label.


Ear Speaker Repair repair includes a 90-day warranty that covers all but accidental damage. If you notice something off about the fit, function, or performance of your replacement part or parts, let us know right away and we will be glad to help. iFixYouri can be reached at 888-494-4349 or Get your iPhone 6s working like new with the help of experienced technicians who do the job right the first time, and save yourself a lot of money and hassle.

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