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iPhone 7 Plus Vibrate Switch Repair


Bzzz bzzz! The ring/silent switch on your iPhone 7 Plus is an extremely convenient feature on the device. It’s great to know, with a flick of a switch, that your phone won’t make a single sound during times when silence is important. If the vibrate switch isn’t clicking into place, wiggles too easily from ring to silent, or doesn’t work at all, this is the service you need.

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iPhone 7 Plus Vibrate Switch Repair

The ring/silent toggle (or “vibrate switch”) on your iPhone 7 Plus is an important hardware feature that lets you quickly switch your phone on and off silent mode, so you can receive notifications in a silent, discreet manner. Unfortunately, if your phone has suffered a hard drop or another type of accident, damage can occur to the physical switch and the electrical components underneath.


If your iPhone 7 Plus vibrate switch isn't working, you may experience:

  • Loosening of the button, not clicking in to one or both sides
  • Difficulty getting the button to move from one position
  • Switching too easily (loose) or with great difficulty (stuck)

iFixYouri is here to solve all of these problems or any other issue that you may be experiencing related to the ring/silent switch of your iPhone 7 Plus. With our Vibrate Switch Repair service, we'll determine the cause of the problem, repair your iPhone, and send it back to you within 24 hours!


Every repair service begins with a series of diagnostic tests to pinpoint the issue. There are a multitude of reasons why the ring/silent switch can be faulty; from the switch being knocked loose to complex wiring malfunctions. Our technicians use their extensive knowledge to quickly diagnose the problem. In most cases, repairs are simple; however, if we find out that more work is needed, we will send you an email with a detailed, updated repair invoice before we proceed. If the additional repairs are too much for you, we can send it back as-is or offer to buy the device for cash.


This repair includes a 1-year warranty, free UPS ground shipping, and $100 of insurance is included. Faster shipping options and higher tiers of insurance protection are available for purchase. Get your iPhone 7 Plus working like new with the help of experienced technicians who will do the job right the first time, and save yourself a lot of money, time, and hassle.

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