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iPhone 7 Battery Repair


Battery not holding a charge? Won’t make it all the way to 100%? Might be time for a new one. Old batteries can lead to other internal problems, so it’s a good idea to get this problem solved quickly, and no one does it faster than the professional technicians at iFixYouri.

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iPhone 7 Battery Repair

It’s true: the battery life of the iPhone 7 is just as bad as its predecessors. You need every bit of voltage you can get, and a bad battery can make life difficult. iFixYouri’s battery repair service is quick, easy, and affordable.


Your iPhone 7 battery might need replacement if:

  • The phone’s battery life drains faster than normal, even when not using it.
  • The battery never reaches full capacity, even after long charging sessions.
  • The battery doesn't charge at all.


With this service, you send your iPhone 7 to us. After your phone arrives at our repair center, we’ll do diagnostic tests to confirm that the battery is the sole problem. iFixYouri battery replacements are top quality and installed in your phone within 24 hours. All replacement parts come with a 90-day warranty that covers all but accidental damage. We perform a full test of the phone’s features to ensure that it is 100% functional. After the repairs are complete, we'll ship your iPhone 7 back to you and send you a tracking number so you know when to expect it.


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