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iPhone SE Mic Repair Service



The iPhone SE, despite being a great example of technology design, isn’t immune to problems that affect smartphones. The microphone might stop working, and it is vital for tproper phone function. You can’t manage with a phone when the mic doesn’t work – send your phone in to the iFixYouri expert technicians today.

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iPhone SE Mic Repair

You know there is something wrong with the microphone when people complain about being unable to hear your or

  • Your voice sounds barely audible
  • Voice commands do not function
  • Static-like noises
  • Muffled audio recordings

Here’s what we do:

  • Let our technicians diagnose the problem(s), then solutions can be mapped out. We repair all iPhone and smartphone models, so we can quickly isolate all issues.
  • Wear & tear, faulty or broken components, obstruction, buildups of debris – whatever the reason - Not only do we eliminate the problem, but also check if other parts have been affected or not.
  • All replacements are of highest quality 
  • A 90-day warranty is included, covering all but accidental damage.
  • Unless the damage involves other parts, the turnaround time for repairs is 24 hours only.

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