Is This What a Twitter-Killer Looks Like?

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It’s been a good while since there’s been a fresh face in the social media world. We’ve been so complacent with the current Instagram-Twitter-Snapchat-Facebook ecosystem, any newcomer is laughed at. Look at Periscope and Vine; these video apps were acquired by Twitter before they could pose any sizeable threat, and anyway, competitors (Instagram, for example)Continue Reading Tagged With: , , ,

App Review: Iron Snout+

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What’s shakin’, bacon? Fight to stay off the dinner menu in Iron Snout+ for iOS and Android phones and tablets. Your porcine hero is surrounded by hungry wolves, and you must use your thumbs and kung-fu to go down swinging. Controls are very simple: the pig stays rooted in the center of the screen, andContinue Reading Tagged With: , ,