iPhone 6 Lightning Port Replacement: How To

iPhone 6 lightning port repair is a moderately difficult DIY repair. In other words, some smartphone repair experience helps. However, a patient hand can complete the repair successfully with these instructions. Above all, have fun. Let’s get to it! Tools Needed Metal Spudger [BUY NOW] Pentalobe Screwdriver #000 [BUY NOW] Phillips head Screwdriver [BUY NOW] Spudger [BUYContinue Reading

iPhone 7 Screen Repair: How To Do It Yourself

iPhone 7 screen repair can be accomplished smoothly if you take your time and have the correct tools and equipment. Tools Needed: Metal spudger [BUY NOW] Phillips Head Screwdriver [BUY NOW] Pentalobe Screwdriver [BUY NOW] Tri-point Screwdriver [BUY NOW] Spudger [BUY NOW] Guitar Pick Dehydrator, Heat Gun, or Heat Mat [BUY NOW] Recommended: Magnetic MatContinue Reading
hurricane preparedness tech guide

Hurricane Preparedness Tech Guide

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iFixYouri has multiple Florida locations, which means we are no strangers to being in hurricane watch and warning zones. We’ve put together this list of hurricane preparedness tech guide that relate to you being able to use your technology to communicate and stay safe during a hurricane or other emergencies. Phones and Tablets Charge all laptopsContinue Reading
iPad Air 2 LCD Removal steps - a tutorial

How To: iPad Air 2 LCD Removal

Introduction iPad Air 2 LCD removal is relatively easy to perform if you have some repair experience. Replacing requires transferring the home button, which is moderately difficult. The iPad Air 2 was a solid performer in its hey-day and still holds good value. Proper attention should be given to safely loosening the adhesive strips with heat. KeepContinue Reading Tagged With: , , ,