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Having trouble hearing the beat? Ringtone so loud it makes babies cry? A broken volume button can be a hassle. If your ringer volume is too low, you’ll miss important notifications. If the volume is too loud, you risk embarrassing yourself in quiet environments. Don't be that person. In modern society, it is essential to be able to alter your phone's volume for different scenarios.


Usually, the issue is a drop or bump dislodging the spring that holds the buttons in place, but the cause of malfunction could be something worse. Our technicians have fixed tens of thousands of phones, so you can count on the fix to stay fixed. Within 24 hours after we receive your device, it will be repaired and on its way back to you!


Every repair service includes an extensive series of diagnostic testing. Our technicians use their advanced knowledge to quickly and accurately diagnose any problems your device might have. In most cases, repairs are simple; however, if we see that your Galaxy S6 Edge has suffered damage beyond the power button, we’ll inform you immediately before proceeding. If more work is needed, we will send you an email before our technicians start the repair. We only fix what you want us to fix. If the additional repairs are too much for you, iFixYouri can make an offer to buy the device.


This repair includes a 90-day warranty, and free UPS ground shipping is included along with $100 of insurance. Faster shipping options and higher tiers of insurance protection are available for purchase. Get your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge working again with the help of experienced technicians who will do the job right the first time, and save yourself a lot of money and hassle.


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