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Drone Repair by iFixYouri

**THE SERVICE PRICE WILL VARY DEPENDING ON DRONE MAKE AND MODEL. Repair time varies depending on part availability and repair queue. All drone parts would be a special order part that requires about two weeks to arrive. Please call us for a price quote for your specific drone. **

Drones (remote-controlled, unmanned aerial vehicles) are becoming more widespread with many makes and models available in the consumer market. People are piloting drones via remote control to capture some great photos and videos. With increasing popularity, drones are a quickly becoming a hobbyist favorite. 

However, accidents can happen while piloting drones. Crashes are common and the every-increasing speeds and altitudes that drones can achieve lead to some pretty catastrophic results. These crashes don't have to ruin your enjoyment of droning (is that the verb?) as a hobby. iFixYouri can help get your drone back to approved flight status, drawing from their years of electronic device repair experience. 

Simply add this drone diagnostic service to your cart. We will send you a shipping label. Once we receive your drone, our expert repair technicians will run a full diagnostic. All issues affecting the performance of your drone will be investigated, and we will send you a fully detailed repair quote outlining all the components and repairs needed to get your drone airborne once again. With your approval, we will then proceed with the repairs, using only the highest quality parts.

Please note: if you decline repairs or your device is deemed unrepairable, you will be responsible only for shipping.


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