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Is your Sony Playstation giving you troubles? Are you wondering if your beloved gaming system is garbage? We can understand the horror you are going through, and we have the experience to solve your issue.

This service will diagnose the issue or issues for any Sony Playstation model. Specific repairs will be quoted separately after they are discovered with this free diagnostic service.


Dropped my PS4 and cracked the console. The buttons went underneath the plastic and I could not get them out. Everywhere I went suggested that I get a new one because it would be at least that much to open up the machine. I went to iFixYouri as a last chance before I bought a new one. They were fantastic to deal with. I was quoted at 60 with a free diagnostics test to see if everything was working. When I went back to pick it up they said it was fine and would only be 40. Professional, timely, and just great guys, I'd recommend them for any project 10/10. I will be back for all my electronics.

— from a review on our Newbury location's Google page, written by Elliot


iFixYouri's Playstation Diagnostic service strives to provide you with the easiest solution to your problem. Trust us with your damaged device and relax as we find the ideal solution.


We at iFixYouri can be of assistance in your moment of despair. Our diagnostic service is always free. Ship or bring your Playstation to us and we will run our diagnostic tests on it and send you a repair quote clearly explaining the issues in simple language. We also give you the option of letting us fix it as explained or shipping the device back to you, free of charge. Overall, the process is painless for you. Whether you choose to repair or have the PS4 returned, we send a tracking number, for your peace of mind.


If at any time you have any questions about what’s going on with your PS4, let us know by calling us at 888-494-iFix (4349), email us at, or leave it in the space below, and we’ll get to it as soon as we can.


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