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There’s nothing more annoying than settling down to watch your favorite show and finding out your iPad Mini’s battery is empty. Or maybe you just got on the bus on the way to class and see that your iPad is on 1% even though it was plugged in for hours. Keeping your iPad Mini charged is always the top priority. An issue with the Lightning port can turn your device into...an expensive clipboard. If the Lightning port on your device has any of the following issues, this is the service for you.

  • Device won’t charge, or charges extremely slowly.
  • Lightning plug has to be forced into or yanked out of port
  • Lightning plug doesn’t stay in the device, slips out too easily.
  • Accessories, such as Square readers, won’t sync when plugged in.

It’s important to get Lightning port issues fixed as soon as possible. A faulty power supply can cause power surges, damaging other components in your device. Setting up an appointment at a busy Apple Store can be a major hassle, and it’s often very expensive if you don’t have insurance. iFixYouri can quickly and easily replace the Lightning port, saving you time and money.


At iFixYouri, we make shipping your device to our dedicated repair facility ridiculously easy; you automatically get free UPS ground service and insurance coverage of $100. You also have the option of purchasing additional insurance and faster shipping options.


Once your device arrives, iFixYouri runs a complete diagnostic to pinpoint the issue and a technician will send you an email with his findings. The replacement parts are always high-quality and come with a 90-day warranty which covers everything but accidental damage. You can track your shipment from anywhere at any time.


Our customer support staff is waiting to field any questions you may have during the process. You can contact them at support@ifixyouri.com or 888-494-4349.


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