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Touch IC repair restores functionality to phones that have what people in the repair community began to refer to as “touch disease”. In Apple’s ongoing effort to make phones slim, yet durable, the housing rigidity for the iPhone 6 Plus was often not where it needed to be, and the phone ended up bending fairly easily, causing any number of touch response problems.

If you have an iPhone 6 Plus, it is very common for touch to stop working randomly. Even with a new screen, there will be no touch response. This could also happen on iPhone 6 but not as common.

What is “Touch IC Disease”?

The iPhone 6 Plus logic board is held firmly in place onto the housing with many screws. When the frame bends, the logic board also bends. With the bending of the logic board, the ball grid array (BGA) chips can break free from the logic board leading to touch IC disease.

There are two chips on the logic board that handle the touch functionality. The two chips are called Meson and Cumulus to the repair community, U2402 and U2401 in the schematics, respectively.

Ghost Touching

The digitizer reads screen touches or swipes when none have occurred. This can lead to apps repeatedly opening or screen clicks without human contact.

Random Touching

Generalized poor touch response can also occur. Sensitivity or accuracy of touch points may be sporadic or imprecise.

Flickering Gray Bar

Across the top of the screen, where one can typically find the battery and clock details, there may be a thin band of grey pixels. This band may be non-responsive to touch and does not go away with rebooting or returning from sleep mode.

No Touch Response

The screen may not respond at all to human or stylus touch input.

We Can Help with Touch Disease

This repair is pretty unique in that chips are being removed, and jumper wires run. Many repair stores will contract this work out to another repair shop, but because of our IPC certified technician, we handle the repairs right away, the right way. All touch disease repair is performed by our master repair technician Robert within 24 – 48 hours.


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