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iFixYouri is the industry leader with any and all iPhone repairs. We have fixed thousands of phones and stand behind all repairs that we do. We offer the fastest turn-around time and all repairs use only the highest quality replacement parts available on the market. We provide a full range of services for all models needing an iPhone screen repair. If you're unsure what you need, call us and speak to one of our customer service reps to find out what is best for you. We'd be happy to help you out.




What is the issue?


The iPhone 3G repair and iPhone 3Gs repair processes brought an easier way to fix broken screens, because the glue was not used. With the original iPhone and the new iPhone 4, repair is difficult because the glue is again used to avoid dust from getting under the screen. This means that when you break the screen, you have to replace the the LCD display as well. This makes the cost of iPhone 4 parts rise for DIY repair and with iFixyouri services. The way the it is pieced together makes the iPhone 4 repair process easier to deal with than the original model, though.


What Model do you own


The cost of repair depends greatly upon the damages and the model iPhone you own. Generally speaking, the newer the iPhone the more repairs will cost. Choose your phone model from the icons above to see the latest pricing for your model's iPhone Screen Repair service.

Do you know what you are doing?


For most people the answer is no. If you don't know what you are doing (in terms of repair an iPhone) and don't plan on researching properly how to repair an iPhone, than we ask that you don't tear the phone apart before sending to us. It is tempting to hack something apart thinking you are clever enough to 'figure it out' on your own but the majority of the time this will make the repair process and percentage of successful completions drop. You need to make sure you have all the proper iPhone parts and tools before embarking on such an endeavor as well.


Your Options


Do-it-Yourself - $39.99 to $139.99

As mentioned we offer everything you need to do a repair at home. We fully encourage home repairs. Depending on your level of expertise, learning a few simple repairs can go a long way in preserving electronics. If you need to fix a cracked screen, LCD or other part by yourself the cost will be between $40-$150. The price goes up if you have to replace the glass and LCD frame for the a newer iPhone, such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, or iPhone 6s Plus. iPhone Screen Repair Services --$59.99 to $139.99

The cost of repairs to your iPhone is dependent on what model iPhone you have. Our replacement parts are high quality and our repair technicians do these repairs all day, so they have the expertise you need. Once we receive your iPhone, we repair your screen and return it to you within 24 hours. We have a variety of shipping options, so you won't have to be away from your once iPhone for long. Tracking numbers and our excellent customer service are there for your peace of mind. 

Apple - $200 to $300

Apple does not cover a broken screen. Their repairs will cost between $200 to $300. For that price, you should sell your broken iPhone to us and buy a new one. You will save cash, get a new iPhone and dispose of your old iPhone responsibly.


If you are one of the many people who have learned to live with a broken screen, We urge you to call 1-888-494-iFix. We have a solution for you and the odds are good that if you fix it yourself or have us fix it for you, it will cost well under $100.