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iFixYouri at Millenia - Orlando, FL

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Millenia Orlando, FL iFixYouri Store

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4104 Millenia Blvd #113
Orlando, FL 32839



iPhone, iPad, and iPod repair by the Mall of Millenia, Orlando, FL.

iFixYouri at Millenia offers repairs for the iPhones (and all cell phones), plus services for the iPad, iPod, as well as any tablet, laptop or computer! Android or Windows, broken screens, water damage, battery replacements, anything that can break... iFixYouri can fix.

We are located in between Greens & Grille and the Sprint store.

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iFixYouri by Mall at Millenia Reviews

Actual customer reviews from our Yelp, Facebook, and Google Plus pages.

I was devastated when I saw three cracks in my relatively new iPhone 6s. When I called around to get it repaired I heard insane amounts of money from $160-$350. Noticing that I had a tempered glass protector on my phone a family member suggested that perhaps that was what was cracked and not actually the phone itself. I was afraid to take off the protector before I got it to a place to get it fixed but I was also afraid that if I waited until I was at the repair shop I was a sitting duck to be lied to and told that the phone was cracked even if it was just the protective glass. I needn't have worried. Ricky did everything in his power to take excellent care of my phone and do everything right in front of me so I knew exactly what was happening. Cleaned my phone, put an even better glass protector on itand as a result of saving the money I was able to buy a new even more strong case for my phone. Absolutely superb customer service!!!!

Had my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro screen fixed. Nice, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Repair done quickly, fair price. Keep up the great work!

iPhone 5S Screen FIXED! Thanks guys!

Phone looks and works perfect, the guy there Jose did an excellent job!

Had a destroyed iPhone 6 and was quoted 300 at at&t even with insurance. Came to ifixyouri at millenia and talked with taylor and Mike. They completely fixed the phone for less than half of what AT&T was asking! Their customer service was 100 times better than AT&T and they have gained my loyalty forever!