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iPhone 4s Glass Repair

Did your iPhone 4GS fall and as a result your screen cracked or shattered? Are the top glass & display shattered? Or maybe the digitizer is bad & touch sensitivity is low? It could even be the LCD screen is all white, has colored lines, flickering or bleeding? All iPhone 4 glasses & LCD screens are sealed which unfortunately needs to be replaced. Not to worry though, our team of experts can install and repair your phone quickly and efficiently.

Still not sure if you need our help? If you have any of the issues below we recommend you giving us a call or emailing us to get your phone looking like new again!


 - Top screen cracked or broken
 - LCD bleeding / black ink and screen shattered
 - Top glass smashed / LCD is black
 - Display is blank / not recognizing input
 - LCD white / no backlight / scratched glass
 - Digitizer bottom not sliding / LCD flickering


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