Smartphone Beer Damage Repair Service

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Smartphone Beer Damage Repair


Did your smartphone take a swim in your suds? Maybe your iPhone fell into your iPA? Don't worry, there's no need for a hangover of emotions. Send your smartphone to us for our Smartphone Beer Damage Repair Service! Our technicians have barrels of expertise repairing beer damaged phones. Whether there was a porter poured on your phone or it got splashed with stout, we can help.


We get it - some of the craft beers of today are high in alcohol, there's people dancing, people taking group photos and selfies, fine motor skills may be a little diminished... accidents happen. Beers get spilled, splashed, sloshed and everybody has their phones out. Or maybe you were alone enjoying a quiet beer, and you got beer on your phone because you were distracted thinking about what it'd be like if you had friends. Either way, we sympathize; our smartphone beer damage repair service is what you need to get back on track.


Using state of the art processes and equipment, your device will be completely cleaned of any residual hops, malt or yeast and then diagnosed to pinpoint all affected or damaged components. You will be kept in the loop every step of the way by our customer service team, which has an unquenchable thirst for helping people out. After your approval of our detailed repair quote, all beer damaged components will be replaced with high quality replacement parts, all of which are covered by a 90 day warranty (1 year for screen replacements). You'll be back to beer selfies and untappd checkins in no time - the turnaround once we receive your device is 24 hours. NOTE: Price varies on extent of damage and required replacement part cost. If you decline service, you will only be responsible for shipping.


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