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Apple iPhone Repair Services


Our Apple iPhone repair services are second to none. iFixYouri has the highest quality of replacement parts, top-of-the-line tools and devices, and qualified, experienced repair techs, so when your repair is complete, you can be happy knowing that your iPhone is as good as new. We service the complete iPhone line, ranging from the newest iPhone 7 to iPhone 3G.


The most commonly requested repair is for a cracked screen. Some users have a cracked glass, others have LCD damage, and the unlucky ones need to replace both. iFixYouri technicians will diagnose the issue and quote the price for the proper procedure so you’re not overpaying for unnecessary repair.


Water damage is also common, and the extent of the services needed to repair may vary. iFixYouri’s process involves equipment and techniques that our competitors don't know about. We fix water damage so the phone is as good as new over 90% of the time, and if not, we’ll attempt to at least let you access the data saved on your phone.


If you’re not sure of the problem you are encountering with your iPhone or the problem is not listed, iFixYouri also offers diagnostic services. We will do a full technical check of your iPhone, then get in contact with you to discuss the problem prior to doing any repairs. We will give you a breakdown of what repairs it needs and the price before going ahead with the repair.


The different variations of problems can make a big difference in the time and parts needed as well as the difficulty of the repair. Knowing this allows for a faster more convenient service experience.


Apple does not cover a broken screen. Their repairs will cost between $200 to $300. For that price, you could sell your broken iPhone to us and use the cash to buy yourself a new one. You can get a brand new iPhone while possibly saving cash, and also take part in preventing e-waste by letting iFixYouri responsibly dispose of your old iPhone’s battery and other parts. If you are not one of those who can learn to live with a broken screen, we urge you to call 1-888-494-iFix.