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iPhone 5 Diagnostic Service



Is your iPhone 5 having random problems but you aren't sure what's wrong?  Don't know what repairs are needed to fix your phone?  Not a problem!  Our experienced technicians can give you reliable and accurate diagnostics for no charge*!  

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iPhone 5 Diagnostic Service

It can be confusing when random problems start occuring with your iPhone 5.  Is it the battery or the charger that's dead?  Is the speaker or microphone busted? Before you send it back in for Insurance or refurbishment, better equip yourself to make the right decision with our FREE in house diagnostic service.  Here at, our experienced technicians see these issues on a daily basis, and are well equipped to give you an accurate diagnosis of your iPhone's issues.  From dead batteries to blown charging ports, from loose connectors to damaged logic boards, we've seen it all.  Let the pros at take a look for free* and point you in the right direction. It could be a number of problems that is causing your iPhone 5 to no longer function. Prior to doing any iphone 5 repair services, we'll contact you with an accurate quote and clearly explain to you what the problem is with your device.


*NOTE: If you decline repairs for diagnostic or water damage treatment or your device is deemed non-repairable, you will be responsible for shipping and handling.

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  • Asked by sergio heredia
    on 11/21/2014
    For some strange reason my iPhone 5 will not turn on or anything, it will not charge as well. Answer:
    Hello Sergio, this is Jordan from iFixYouri! Have you tried cleaning the port? We do the port cleaning for free at any of our locations! We try to do the free route first before giving our customer a price. However, this could be a battery or charging port issue. We'd have to see the device to let you know for sure.
  • Asked by Enrique
    on 01/9/2015
    my iphone 5s has a damaged front camera fpc connector and i need someone that can desolder the old one and solder in a new one can you guys do that? Answer:
    Hello, That is something we can fix for you. We'd recommend sending it in for our iPhone 5 diagnostic service. We'll diagnose it, quote it, and get it fixed for you. As long as just the FPC connector needs repair, you're looking at about $89.99.
  • Asked by Noah Maul
    on 01/12/2015
    my phone suddenly would not open, that is after i charged it.. the music though, is working when i am using the head set, but not when without the head set.even if i remove the sim the music keeps on playing but the monitor is completely shut off (can't see anything whatsoever).. Answer:
    Hi Noah, to give you the most accurate diagnostic on your device we would have to test it. We offer free diagnostic services and will discuss the issues with your phone and provide you with the cost before we work on it.
  • Asked by Marwa
    on 02/8/2015
    I have problem with my network ,, (No Servine) is written always and network return only at this time set (12:34 am) Answer:
    Hi Marwa, try connecting to the WiFi. If that doesn't work please send it in for a diagnostic.
  • Asked by Bob
    on 02/12/2015
    My wife inadvertently took her iphone into the MRI procedure with her. I have been able to get the apple icon to come up but the restore and repair programs are unsuccessful. Since it powers up, I assume either the firmware or software is corrupted. Answer:
    Hi Bob, yes there is a chance we can repair the phone. Please send it in for a diagnostic and we'll take a thorough look at it.
  • Asked by Joel M.
    on 02/17/2015
    I have an iPhone5 that was showing the iTunes connection screen one morning after charging. Phone wouldn't restore on iTunes for error 21. Replaced the battery, then the charge port, still won't restore, still on the iTunes connection screen. Answer:
    Hi Joel, We’d have to see the device to test it and run a diagnostics.
  • Asked by count
    on 11/15/2015
    My late wife's iphone 5 Is disabled.when I try to do a factory reset to change over to me it brings up her as the owner and so I can't sync or do anything with it .Is their anything I can do? Answer:
    For assistance with this please call 888-494-4349.