iPhone 4 Front Camera Repair



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iPhone 4 Front Camera Repair

The iPhone 4 had one of the most innovative cameras of any cell phone when it was first introduced, but today, many older phones are now beginning to experience problems with their cameras. The parts inside of the front camera on the iPhone 4 can be damaged due to shocks and exposure to moisture, and they can wear out due to repeated use.


When the front camera begins to experience problems, you may find it impossible to switch from the rear to the front camera view. In some cases, the screen may go black or freeze when the front camera is switched on, and it's also possible for picture quality to become diminished due to malfunctioning of the flash or the auto focus.


The good news is that all of the parts inside of the iPhone 4 can be repaired by the right team of experts. Here at iFixYouri, we have the knowledge, experience, tools and equipment needed to get the job done right the first time, and we make getting the iPhone 4 fixed as easy as can be with the iPhone 4 Front Camera Repair service.


Our iPhone 4 Front Camera Repair service involves just three steps!


Step One: Purchase and Shipping


You can order our iPhone 4 Front Camera Repair service right online using the form above. The price is shown includes free inbound and outbound shipping via UPS Ground with $100 of insurance protection for your phone. You can take advantage of faster shipping rates or increase the insurance protection if you wish. Once you've made your selections, click "Add to Cart" and complete your purchase. Then, check your email for the shipping label, print it, package your phone and drop it off at a UPS shipping center.


Step Two: Diagnostics and Repairs


When we receive your smartphone, we'll unbox it and put it through numerous tests. After we have fully diagnosed the problem, we'll make repairs and replace broken parts. All repairs are made with brand new components backed by full 90-day warranties by our team of expert technicians. The entire repair process can be completed in 24 hours or less from the time we receive your phone.


Step Three: Return Shipping


Once your phone is fixed, we will test it and verify that the camera is working. Then, we'll box it back up and send it to you. You'll get an email with a tracking number that will let you know your phone is on its way.


The sooner you purchase our iPhone 4 Front Camera Repair service, the sooner you can get back to taking selfies to your heart's content, so order today!


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